August 30

Elevate Your Workplace Aesthetic with Unique Custom Apparel 

In the bustling corporate landscape of Salt Lake City, Utah, fostering a sense of unity and identity within the workplace is essential. Custom apparel and recognition items have emerged as powerful tools to achieve this. With many options available, companies in Salt Lake City can transform their employees’ work experience while enhancing brand visibility.  Let’s explore a curated list of diverse custom apparel choices that elevate the workplace aesthetic and celebrate individuality. 1. Embroidered Corporate Wear Elevate your employees’ professional…
August 24

10 Innovative Custom Fundraising Products to Elevate Your Utah-Based Campaign

Are you a Utah-based organization searching for creative ways to fundraise effectively? Look no further! Custom fundraising products can help you raise funds and create lasting connections with your supporters. SymbolArts, a leading provider of custom recognition items and badges, offers a range of innovative options that can take your Utah fundraising campaign to the next level. Here are ten fundraising ideas that can make a significant impact: Custom Lapel Pins for Local Pride: Design unique lapel pins showcasing Utah’s…
August 24

Achieve Greatness: The Allure of Marathon Running and Race Medals

  Marathon running is a thrilling pursuit that pushes individuals to their physical and mental limits. As Salt Lake City emerges as a popular hub for athletic events, participants are driven by the challenge and the prospect of earning coveted race medals throughout Utah. In this blog, we explore why marathon runners and enthusiasts are flocking to Salt Lake City to experience the thrill of the race and the pride that comes with the race medals! 1) Unleash the Athlete…
August 23

4 Things To Consider When Designing A Custom Police Badge

Designing a custom police badge can be an exciting process. However, before you get too deep into the details, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Photo by Kindel Media Budget Every project needs a budget to start out with. You must figure out how much you’re willing to spend first. At SymbolArts, you can expect our standard badges to come with a full-color seal, 24K gold plating, solid polished back, and your choice of attachment. The price…
October 20

Custom Awareness Products

Awareness campaigns have always been popular in the sports and corporate world—a pink ribbon pinned to a lapel or a feature of colorful cleats on Sunday Night Football. Similar awareness campaigns have picked up speed in Utah’s public safety realm. At SymbolArts, we have noticed a big increase in colorful custom awareness badges, and not just pink colors but purple, blue, and even green have been requested. Together We Can Help Plenty of news articles around Utah can be found on the…
August 8

Thank You Firefighters Bo & Steve

If you’ve ever looked through our online store, you will have seen our best-selling Thank You Coin Series. The coins are made to be given by the public to service members and those performing acts of bravery or kindness. SymbolArts in Utah has received many stories of people keeping them in their glove box, coat pocket, or desk at work and how much they have enjoyed giving Thank You Coins out when the opportunity presents itself. Our employees can use some of our…
July 14

Custom is Our Specialty

At SymbolArts we want our customers to know their options are limitless! We have had years to perfect our techniques and manufacturing capabilities, so don’t be afraid to throw something wild our way. Check out some of our latest creations down below. We’ve taken our tried-and-true products, like our custom badges and collectible items, and given them a unique twist. We’ll take your unique idea and turn it into a custom product for you! You may think the idea of…
March 7

Golf! Tournaments, Booths & Courses

Whether you own the course, are hosting an event or participating as a vendor, golf tournaments are one of the best places for networking and campaigning for your organization. SymbolArts can help you get stocked up and ready for the upcoming season. Grab specialized swag for your booth or provide goodie bags for players they will rave about. Not in the golf scene? Golf items also make excellent gifts for your employees, volunteers and more. Customize coins with removable centers,…
October 19

Add Custom Products to Your Programs

At SymbolArts, we specialize not only in creating outstanding recognition products but the curriculum that goes along with them. In this article, we feature a few of our own practices as well as programs we’ve worked with other companies to design and implement. With our experience, we can help you every step along the way! CORE VALUES Core values are an increasingly popular way to define an organization’s fundamental belief system. These principles act as an unwavering guide for the…
July 6

Christmas Ornaments in July!

Custom Christmas Ornaments that sparkle! A beautiful way to show appreciation to your staff, volunteers, and partners during the holiday season. Custom Christmas Ornaments for your office is a tradition that often leaves employees excited to collect them every year. Already have a design in mind? Ask our sales representatives about our recommendations for ornament finishes, enamels, cut-out shapes, and special features like spinners. We have ornaments for all price ranges. Laser-cut ornaments can have intricate details and are easy…
April 5

Pins for Your Next Ribbon Cutting Event

Thousands of ribbon cutting ceremonies happen around the country every year. Don’t let your event pass without a proper celebration! Pins are the perfect way to commemorate a grand opening or ribbon cutting ceremony. Hand them out to your most loyal followers, community members and business partners to show that they were there! As a highly collectible – even historic item, the value of a pin only grows as time goes on and your businesses continue to grow and change.…
March 12

Layton City, UT Centennial Celebration

Challenge Coin created for the Layton City 100 year celebration. Featuring a gold finish, transparent enamels and added texture. Celebrating 100 Years with Layton City 2020 marked the centennial celebration of the incorporation of Layton City, UT. Starting as a small community of farmers in 1920, Layton has seen immense growth over the past 100 years and is now the largest city in Davis County. As a close neighbor, SymbolArts is so happy to have been a part of building…