Custom Products

All badges carry a LIFETIME warranty against the detachment of all banners, seals, joints, stems, clasps, wallet clips, and the discoloration of the cloisonne enamels under normal wear and tear. In addition, each badge carries a 3-year warranty against peeling or flaking of the clear coat protective covering and/or the badge plating. The clear coat warranty will be voided if the badge is polished by hand or machine with any metal polish or cleaning / abrasive solution, soaked or exposed to any solvent, exposed to fire or prolonged heat, or the badge is repaired or modified by anyone other than SymbolArts. Chipping of enamel and all other manufacturing defects are guaranteed for a period of one year. The warranty period begins from the date stamped on the back of the badge and applies to normal wear.
Yes. You can purchase the rights to artwork produced by SymbolArts. The standard rate is $750.00 per artwork.
Standard costs for using the in-house art department of SymbolArts. Standard Rate $150.00/hour There is a 1 hour minimum. Time for artwork and revisions is billed in 1 hour increments following the first hour of time spent on the project.
We have manufacturing both in the US and abroad. The quality and price the customer desires generally dictates where the product is made.
Purchase orders, Check, Money Order or Credit Card (AMEX, Disc, Visa, MC)
The cost of shipping is dependent on the total dollar value of your order. Our customer service representatives can quote you a rate based on your specific order. We try to keep our shipping costs as low and competitive as possible.
Please allow up to 5 business days to receive your custom artwork. Please consult with our Customer Service team to determine a more specific turn around time on your individual artwork.
Yes, all artwork is free with your order, we want to make the buying decision easy and worry free. We do however charge a revision fee for more than 3 requested changes.
Yes, we make rings. We can design a custom ring to your specifications or you can utilize some of the stock molds we have available. Contact a customer service representative for a picture of our stock molds. Each ring is custom quoted due to the fluctuating prices of precious metals.
Since all of our products are custom made, lead-time varies per product and specifications. Consulting with your customer service representative will give you a more exact lead-time based on your order. Listed below is a general guideline for normal orders: Badges – Existing molds: 8-10 weeks Pins, coins, patches, key chains: 4-6 weeks
Soft enamel is applied to the coin or product; the excess is wiped off, and allowed to “air dry.” It does not fill the areas to the level of the raised metal. Since there’s no hardening process, if you take a sharp object, you can scratch through it to the metal below the paint. It produces what we term a “good coin.” In some cases a layer of clear epoxy is applied over the coin to help protect the finish. Hard enamel uses a different process. The areas that are colored are actually overfilled with enamel, and then the coins/product are “baked” to harden it to a nearly ceramic hardness. They are then ground/polished flat, and then plated with the metal. Hard enamel can be scratched, but will not go through the metal below. Hard enamel gives the cleanest, crispest detail on a coin/product, and since it’s hardened, epoxy isn’t needed to protect the finish. Hard enamel produces what we term a “superior coin”.
Antiquing is designed to make the item look “old and weathered”. What it does is fill in the recessed areas of the product giving the product a darker appearance. In essence it reduces the overall shiny look of the product. It is very useful in making a products intricate detail stand out.
All of our coins, pins, key chains, and other products displayed on our website are custom made for a specific customer and are not sold individually. We do not stock individual designs for sale to the public. We do this to protect the integrity, security and interests of each of our customers. SymbolArts does have a few coins and merit pins that we have designed to sell to individuals such as the Armor of God series and merit pins. Call us at (801) 475-6000 for stock availability.
Because of the effort required to design and produce custom products, it is necessary to have a minimum order quantity. You can still order below the minimum quantity, but please be aware that there will be an additional fee. The minimum quantities for some of our custom products are: Badges: No Minimum Pins: 300 Pieces Coins: 100 Pieces Patches: 300 Pieces Keep in mind that most custom products have several price breaks at higher quantities, so ask your sales rep how you can get the best value for your order. Feel free to contact us at (801) 475-6000 for a free quote on your custom order.
Because of the custom nature of the badge business and the human intervention that is required to make each individual badge there is a certain percentage of badges that get rejected in the process. This delays delivery of that badge because it must be remade. Because we are unable to predict which badges are affected, the lead-time sometimes is affected. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce rejects and improve our communication with our customers so you have accurate information to work with.
Our policy is that our factory determines whether a product is repairable or not. They can often utilize components or scrap to help control costs to keep the cost of our badges down for everyone. We try making the return process easy by providing you a call tag to return the product to you at no cost.
A repair badge goes through essentially the same process as a new badge, regardless of what needs repairing. In the repair process other things get damaged which requires re-soldering, re-enameling, re-plating, and re-polishing. The same individual attention is still required. Because of this it still takes time. We have prioritized repairs to cut the turn around time to 6 weeks rather than the normal 8-10 weeks.
Yes, all badges can be designed and manufactured to your specific needs, either curved, domed, or flat with many types of attachments including none, clip or pin.
We have numerous plating options, as well as solid metal badge options. See the list below. For complete information view our on-line catalog for more details. Or feel free to contact us (801) 475-6000 Rhodium plate Gold plate Nickel plate Two-tone plate Swat (subdued black nickel finish) Gold Satin Antique White Satin Antique Natural (solid brass metal) Goldtone (solid metal) Silvertone (solid metal)
Since all of our badges are custom designed and very detailed we have found that our customers get a better result when orders are designed directly with the assistance of a customer service representative rather than directly through the website. Our customer service and sales teams are very knowledgeable about badge design and are more than willing to help consult you through the process.
Yes. Price breaks are determined based on the quantity ordered and type of product ordered. To get the best price for your specific project contact us at (801) 475-6000. We provide FREE Artwork with orders and Free Quotes to make the process risk free.
All badges come standard with a full color seal, 24K gold plating, solid polished back, and your choice of attachment. To get a quote and free artwork on your custom badge, call us toll free at (801) 475-6000. Volume discounts may apply. No badge manufacturer matches our quality at our pricing. Click here to learn why.
If you have any questions regarding the status of your order please contact one of our customer service representatives at (801) 475-6000. They can answer any question you may have concerning the status of your order. When your order has been shipped, you will receive a UPS tracking number. If you have not received this, please contact your Customer Service Representative at (801) 475-6000.
Contact your account representative to make a payment on your custom order. (801) 475-6000
Plating is not necessarily better than a solid badge it just has more flexibility. Plating does provide more finish options and more two-tone options and will generally hold its shine longer than a solid metal badge.

Online Store

Once you have added all the desired products to your cart, select the link, “My Cart” In the upper right hand corner. Once selected, you will see a column in the middle of the page named, “Discount Codes”. Enter your code exactly as shown. You can check the column to the right under “Subtotal” to see if your discount code was applied. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.
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No. Currently, all our on-line products are available to the public to purchase.
If you have any questions regarding the status of your order please contact us at 801-475-6000. When your order has been shipped, you will receive a UPS tracking number - be sure to check spam folders. If you have not received this, please contact your Customer Service Representative at 801-475-6000.
Currently, we do not sell gift cards.
Yes. When placing an order for an item, it will inform you whether we have the product in stock for immediate delivery or if it’s back-ordered. All back-ordered items have an estimated date of delivery.
SymbolArts ensures that every item you purchase at our online store meets your standards or you can return it for a replacement or refund within 30 days of delivery. Product must be returned in new condition with original packaging and accessories. Customer agrees to pay for shipping to return the product to SymbolArts. Any questions, please call us at 801-475-6000
Yes. In order to do so, just call one of our customer service representatives and refer to the product you would like to modify. This product will require a new mold, thus changing the pricing structure, lead times and minimum purchase quantity.
The cost of shipping is dependent on UPS/USPS shipping rates. Due to our quality products, security, and providing a better customer experience, we feel that shipping though UPS/USPS, provides the best value for our customers. Currently, their tracking system fits the needs of both our business and our customers.
We have manufacturing both in the US and abroad. The quality and price the customer desires generally dictates where the product is made. Determine a more specific turn around time on your individual artwork.
We accept all major credit cards including: AMEX, Discover, Visa & Master Card & PayPal.