Magnets – Acrylic, Mile-Tile™ and Heavy Duty

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When it comes to custom magnets SymbolArts gives you options! Magnets are a huge seller for your customers, whether they be hard-core Harley-Davidson collectors, hobbyists, or casual tourists. Check out your choices below and ask your SymbolArts sales rep about the best pick for your design ideas and your dealership.

Custom Acrylic Magnet example Header Image
Custom Acrylic Magnet example
Custom Acrylic Magnet example
Custom Acrylic Magnet example
Custom Acrylic Magnet example

Acrylic Magnets

An acrylic option is great for photo realistic or artworks with a high level of detail. These magnets are printed and then layered with a 1/4 in. custom shaped piece of clear acrylic. The back is fully covered with a custom fit magnetic piece. Lightweight and easy to display up front by your registers, customers love grabbing these colorful, eye-catching products to commemorate their stop at your dealership.

Mile-Tile™ Magnets

Mile-Tiles™ are unique, raised PVC magnets and a specialty of SymbolArts. The best option for a simpler design with an emphasis on vibrant color, contrast and multilevel detailing. The name of your dealership really pops on a Mile-Tile™ magnet and customers love the collectability! These products have a fully covered magnetic backing and a thin layer of metal within the magnet to prevent curling.

Heavy Duty Magnets

If you’ve ever done a custom coin or pin with us then you already know the process for a custom magnet! Highly customizable, choose your finish, enamel type, shape and detail. These magnets are metal stamped and have a heavy duty, high-quality feel to them. These magnets look sleek on display in a man cave or garage. As shown in the example above, individual magnets are inset flush into the back of the stamp in multiple locations.