The Difference is in the Quality

We believe it’s the personal touches that make our products memorable.

We’ve built our reputation by providing our customers with the highest diamond quality badges and insignia products, with more color and detail than any other producer and with proactive service and competitive pricing. Our customers can vouch for the quality of our products, tested and proven time and again. Used by officers and public officials around the world, our recognition items and insignia are sure to provide you with the professional look that you deserve.


Handcrafted – custom design. You will get a badge created specifically for your department.

Vibrant seals full of detail and color. Your badge will stand out and get noticed – guaranteed.

Highly polished solid and plated badges. You have a choice – a solid badge or a plated badge.

Lifetime guarantee on all attachments. Worry free. If it breaks we fix it.

Competitive Pricing – No hidden costs. Makes the buying decision easy-no add-on costs allow you to stretch your budget.


70% – 100% Embroidered. 100% means the patch is completely covered in thread, which improves the overall look and feel of the patch design.

Machine Washable. Our patches are machine washable.

Merrow or Heat Cut Border. A Merrow finish means the edge is a fully stitched border, giving a very clean beautiful finish that will not fray.

PVC Hard Back Finish. This not only prevents the patch from crinkling, it dry cleans better and extends the life span of the patch.

Fabric or PVC (soft rubber). Not only do we make high-quality cloth patches, we also offer custom designed PVC patches.

Fade Proof. Colors are guaranteed to endure.


Highest Quality. We take pride in the superior quality of our coins; they’ll be sure to impress.

Vibrant Colors. Your coin will stand out and get noticed – guaranteed.

Variety of Finishes. We offer a wide range of finishes on our coins.

Fine Details. Our manufacturing process ensures excellent detail.

Variety of Edges. Further customize your department’s coin with a unique edge – 5 different edges are available.


Handcrafted – custom design. You will get a pin created specifically to your department.

Collect and trade them. Jewelry quality pins make great collectables.

Highest Quality. We take pride in the superior quality of our products; they’re sure to impress.

Hard Fired, Full Color Enamel. All colored enamels are hard fired for durability.

In-house art department with quick turnaround. Eliminate the fear—see exactly how your pin will look before it is produced.