Hard vs. Soft Enamel

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Hard Enamel Coin Example

Hard enamel paint is heated at a high temperatures to harden and then polished smooth. When you slide your finger over the coin the metal and painted areas will feel flush.


Soft Enamel Coin Example

Soft enamel paint is air dried, creating a dimensional look at a lower level than the metal borders.  When you slide your finger over the coin you will feel the metal ridges above the paint.

Not sure which enamel to pick? One of our SymbolArts reps can help you decide which option will result in the best finish for your product. Each choice has its own pros. Hard enamel is durable and results in a slick, professional finish. Soft enamel makes lettering stand out and can be more cost-effective. Each project is unique and we will do our best to get you the best possible result. Scroll down to see more examples of hard vs. soft enamel.

More examples of Soft vs Hard Enamel

Soft Enamel Coin Example
Soft Enamel Coin
Soft Enamel Medal Example
Soft Enamel Medal
Soft Enamel Badge Example
Soft Enamel Badge
Hard Enamel Coin Example
Hard Enamel Coin
Hard Enamel Coin Example
Hard Enamel Medal
Hard Enamel Badge Example
Hard Enamel Badge

Can you see the difference?

This coin example uses both soft and hard enamel.

As shown above – The soft enamel section shows the indentation of the coin and has shadows and highlights. If you ran your finger over this part, it would be bumpy. The hard enamel section appears as one solid color with extremely sharp and clean lines as well as a smooth to the touch finish.