Terms of service

It is the policy of SymbolArts, LLC to acknowledge and respects the rights of artists and artisans as embodied in the copyright laws of the United States. Further, SymbolArts expects Customers to respect its rights, and to recognize and respect the copyrights of other artists, designers and manufacturers. Consistent with this policy, SymbolArts applies, and its Customers accept the application of the following terms & conditions concerning copyrights to all Customer orders.

SymbolArts Images & Products

In accordance with US copyright law, SymbolArts owns all designs created by its designers, including designs created at the request of its customer, unless such designs are produced as “work for hire”, in which case separate pricing may apply. SymbolArts may provide customers images or samples of design work for use in decision-making or for archival purposes. Unless specifically authorized, customers may not use such designs to obtain manufacturing elsewhere or for producing items not produced by SymbolArts.

Customers may license designs from SymbolArts for use outside of SymbolArts. Any license granted by SymbolArts will be granted in writing at the sole discretion of SymbolArts, subject to terms, conditions and fees established by SymbolArts. Standard terms and conditions are as follows:

Customers acknowledge by using the services of SymbolArts that they have had an opportunity to read, have read and understood, and have consented to be bound by these Copyright Terms & Conditions.