Commemorative Events – Let’s Celebrate!

That big project, it’s coming to an end. Your team has given their all for this moment to happen. The ups and downs were worth it for this major success and it’s time to celebrate.

Don’t let the moment slide by. Memorialize those big wins with commemorative product celebrating your unique accomplishments.

Below are a few examples of incredible events we have been lucky enough to be a part of. The creation of a customized product for our customer’s big moment is what our business is all about. Notice the care we take to get every detail of the design perfectly unique to the event. We know these pieces are going to be cherished and our Diamond Quality guarantee promises a spectacular finished product.


Commemorative Sports Events

Put us in coach! From baseball to basketball, golf, and more we love a championship game or inaugural tournament. Whether you are a player, administrator or volunteer the amount of work and dedication required to put on a spectacular event is worthy of commemoration. Apparel, awards, game day pins and swag are must-haves and SymbolArts can help with it all. Click Here to check out our athletics gallery.


Celebrate Historical Events

We love the historical aspect of what we do at SymbolArts. Many of our projects involve celebrating an anniversary or commemorating a historical site. In 2019, we were able to play a large part in our city’s Golden Spike 150 event that honored the meeting place of the trains to finish the first transcontinental railroad! The product was a blast to design as the theme included trains, old photographs and local landmarks. Architecture is an excellent option for coin and badge artwork and we have mastered the art of 3-dimensional design for an extremely accurate recreation. Click Here to check out Anniversary Projects.


Honor Veterans with Commemorative Product

At SymbolArts we work very closely with active LEO and Military personnel. It’s a major accomplishment for us to be able to serve those members as well as help companies incorporate commemorative events and programs for Veterans. The products we make are used in fundraisers, 5k race events, memorial programs, and awareness campaigns all over the country. Here area few other ways to honor Veterans throughout the year. Service should be honored and we can help you create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be cherished. Click Here to View our Military Product Gallery.

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