5 Reasons to Earn Your Boy Scout Merit Badge

March 3rd, 2020

here are many good reasons to earn your Boy Scout merit badges. Here are five reasons why they are definitely worth striving for.

1. There are those who find it difficult to shine mainly because they are shy and do not have much confidence. In a group like the Boy Scouts they get the support and the opportunities they need to gain the skills that let them be their best.
2. They get recognized for every achievement. How proudly they display those beautiful medals. They think of the pictures they have seen of brave men and women wearing something similar. It is the way many are recognized by their peers for achieving the best in their chosen field. And it is the same for the young boy scouts. It just means that they have started achieving early. There is a good chance that this will lead to more and more achievements later on in life.
3. Once a young person holds that beautiful medal with their name on it, there is no stopping. It is as if they challenge themselves to see how many of these attractive medals they can get! Let’s face it, some medals are a real work of art. To see your name stamped on it – well it’s quite a buzz. . . Many get addicted to it, and keep doing it all their lives, whatever field they are in. Have a quick peep here, to see how popular this “award” business is!
4. The beauty of it is that with each medal that youngster is also achieving a high grade of skills, of techniques and of personal growth. What a great way to mature into a capable adult. Some may scoff at it, but those who have attained valuable badges as a boy scout, know the feeling of fulfillment that comes when wearing these commemorative awards. They know the warm feeling inside that comes with the smiles and the handshakes they get from peers and superiors, from friends and family. And they know they are worth it.

5. These awards are testament to the developmental experiences of a young person and apart from the satisfaction of today, will no doubt give that young man that little bit of an edge in later life. Anything that lifts one above the crowd is useful in the scramble for the best opportunities in the earning-money market!
Give it all you’ve got, and make for yourself, a collection of beautiful awards with your name on each. Soon you will need a glass cabinet to house them all on the wall!

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